Questions to ask yourself when installing
a new gravel driveway or repairing an existing one.

1.What type of gravel/stone do I need?

Answer: There are different types of stone with varying cost for gravel driveways and they serve different functions. Ask us what’s best for your needs.

2.Is the subsurface of your driveway solid?

Answer: Just like a home the foundation is key; the subsurface is the foundation for your driveway. The driveway will not hold up to traffic if the subsurface is not suitable. Ask us to evaluate your driveway needs and give you our professional opinion.

3.How is pricing affected?

Answer: There are several things a contractor takes into consideration when pricing driveway work.

  • Overhead power lines, trees overhanging the driveway, and other obstacles make it more difficult to spread stone, so pricing is affected.
  • Subsurface preparation may be needed to insure long life of the driveway.
  • The travel distance your driveway may be from the rock quarry.
  • Stone prices vary from area to area.

4.Am I choosing the right contractor for the job?

Answer: The old saying “always choose the right tool for the job” applies here. Always choose a contractor that you can confirm references, look at reviews, and a contractor who has the experience that can do the job. Always check to make sure they are insured.