Questions to ask yourself before choosing a land clearing contractor

1.What do I need to know before hiring a land clearing contractor?

Answer: Make sure the contractor has the proper experience to do the work. Check references, reviews, and insurance. Proper land clearing procedures are vital for land conservation and safety for all involved. At Parkerhill Land Management we have the reputation and experience to perform the work correctly and safely.

2.What is the difference in clearing land as opposed to clear cutting land?

Answer: Clearing the land is the process of removing all trees, stumps and debris generated in the process. Some contractors may choose to sell the timber cleared from the property. In this case clarify if you are getting a discounted price or if the contractor is pocketing that money.

Clear cutting the land is the process of logging the timber typically. Typically, this is a process that a logging company purchases the useable timber and only cuts the trees and leaves the stumps and other debris generated during the process. If the landowner is only looking to make profit from this process it works out well however future use of the land could be pricey to clean up.

3.How should I expect pricing to be?

Answer: Several factors play into pricing when clearing land.

  • Certainly, how many acres to be cleared is one however more importly the size of the trees to be cleared and the number of trees.
  • If you’re in an area that allows burning the debris, then this will make the price cheaper. The debris will need to be put in manageable piles.
  • If you want all the debris hauled away from the property it will be the more expensive option. This cost is determined by the amount to be hauled, the distance to the landfill, and the disposal fee.
  • No one way is wrong; it is determined by your budget.

Give us a call and we can help to figure out what is right for you.