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Are You Tired of Standing Water?

Do you find puddles of water around your property after it rains? Is the ground still wet days after a storm? It's time to call Parkerhill Land Management, LLC for site grading. Drainage issues can get worse over time and lead to other property issues if they're not resolved with proper land grading.

You might see poor drainage on your property because of:

  • Incorrect elevation levels around the foundation
  • Poorly designed plant beds
  • Water traps created by poor grading
  • Incorrectly sloped driveways or patios
  • Poorly placed gutter downspouts

If you have any of these drainage issues, it's time for resloping. Contact the land grading experts in Reidsville and Burlington, NC today.

Prepare your property for new construction

Whether you're planning to build a new home or a commercial space, it's important to prepare the ground correctly before building with site grading. This ensures proper drainage so your building isn't affected by standing water or soggy ground. The experts at Parkerhill Land Management can prepare any lot for construction.

Call the land grading contractors and resloping experts in Reidsville and Burlington, NC as soon as possible.

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